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Anyone attending a Ride Out or Event organised through the LARF does so at their own risk.

Ride outs, events and trips undertaken by any participant, whether a guest or registered forum member are done at the individual’s own responsibility. No liability is given nor accepted by any guest, individual, forum member, LARF or its committee members, for any aspect of such an event.

It is exclusively the participant’s responsibility to judge whether their individual competence and capabilities are sufficient to cope with the specified route, trip or event. Neither the organiser, LARF, nor any committee members or other participants are under any obligation to determine any other individual participant’s competence or capabilities. This group and forum exists as a means for like minded individuals to meet and organise trips, events or ride outs. Each individual participant accepts full responsibility for their own actions, and no liability will be accepted for any accident, injury or legal action taken against a participant whilst engaging in any activity organised by the group, it’s members or other individuals participating in the event.

Each individual participant is 100% responsible for their own actions, with no liability accepted by any other participant, the group or its committee members. In taking part in any event organised by the group or via the forum, each individual automatically accepts these terms and conditions of participation.

If you are unwilling to accept these conditions, please do not participate in any event or ride out organised either on the forum or by any member or other participants. By attending any event or ride out, you will be automatically deemed as having read and accepted these conditions of participation.
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