The Sunday Breakfast Club

Sunday breakfast meet up at a cafe once a month. All welcome.

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The Sunday Breakfast Club


Many of us have bikes that don't get used enough for one reason or another. Sure, we may go on a big trip, long weekend, day out in the Cotswolds, etc, but for the most part they probably sit in the garage looking for an excuse to be ridden. For me, and I guess most of us, we need a focus to a ride, a reason to pull it out of the garage and get all the kit on. So, generally, we look on the forum and wait for someone to organise a ride out, and wait...........and wait.........and wait. :D

The problem with that is, many people don't want / don't know how to organise a ride out, don't want to lead, don't want to get left behind, don't want to ride in a big group, don't know where to ride to, don't know what pace to set if they're leading, etc, etc. So, opportunities are lost to go for a ride, catch up with mates, have a bit of banter, etc.

The Idea - The Sunday Breakfast Club

The idea is, to put it simply, pick a cafe at a suitable distance away, and meet up at about 10 o'clock for breakfast on a Sunday morning and then ride home. Simples. 8-)

Here's how it works, and the plus points -

• Total distances are not likely to be high to most cafes, probably a 50 mile run depending on starting point, so opening up the breakfast runs to a wide range of bikes, from 125's on L plates, to trailies, old classics, scooters, as well as modern bikes of whatever style.

• Back home by lunch in time for the GP, mow the lawn, take SWMBO to Dunelm, Ikea or wherever.

• You ride at your own pace to the cafe, on your own or with a mate or two, so no pressure of riding in a large group or at a pace you're uncomfortable with. Someone with a Fireblade isn't frustrated and cursing at someone on an old classic or newbie on L plates, and someone on L plates isn't feeling pressured or flustered.

• As everyone arrives at a slightly different time and probably different direction, the cafe doesn't get swamped with 20 bikes turning up and all ordering at the same time.

• Nobody's hanging around at a meet point waiting for someone who's late, re-fuelling, or is just a no show and hasn't bothered to let anyone know.

• Dead easy to organise, choose a cafe and post the location with a link to Google Maps. :handgestures-thumbup:

• If it's a great day, there's nothing to stop anyone from riding on after breakfast somewhere else if they want to.

In Conclusion

It's a reason to get out on the bike out more, have breakfast and a bit of a natter, and doesn't take all day, (unless you want it to). Easy format to expand, doesn't really matter how many or how few turn out, as no extra planning or more run leaders needed. Open and accessible to the widest range of bikes and riders, which has to be a good thing. :handgestures-thumbup:

Here's what accessible within a roughly 30 mile radius of a central location between Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.



Obviously, on a Sunday morning once a month on the 3rd Sunday.

Of course there's nothing to stop anyone posting up additional dates if the forecast is looking good!
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It's a cracking idea - if I ever find the time between racing and hangover Sundays :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
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